Russian Femdom

Hot russian mistresses dominate their slaves

Russian mistress Katja has bound her slave und shut his mouth with duct tape. Now she starts the smelling session by pressing her stinky sneakers on his nose. But he not only has to smell her shoes - she also presses her sweat-soaked socks on his face and rubs her sweaty bare feet on it.

The slave owes some money to his mistress for weeks and she's really pissed he didn't pay her off till today. When she confronts him and he comes up with some stupid arguments she orders him to give her his watch so she can sell it for some cash. But when she looks at the watch she realizes it's totally worthless one and throws it on the ground. The slave wants to grab his watch again but Katja's shoe is already on its way to crush it. So the slave gets his hand trampled until it begins to bleed. That's when she orders him to lie down on the ground and starts to trample his whole body under her sneakers.

The slave opens the door of Mistress Katja's car so she can get in, but before she drives away she wants her slave to lick the dirty soles of her sneakers. After the soles are cleaned she orders him to take the shoes off and forces him to smell the stinky inside of the well worn sneakers. The sneaker smelling is followed by smelling her socks that were in those stinky shoes the whole day and finally in the end he has to smell her bare feet too before she drives away and leaves him on the parking place.

Mistress Katja is sitting in her new car and revs the engine. You can see her sexy high heels and bare feet as well as her beautiful face while she revs the engine to its limit!

Mistress Katja doesn't want to make her new car dirty. So she decides to get her shoe soles licked clean until they are spotless - what else does she has a personal shoe licker for? He is already kneeling next to her car, opens the door for her and waits until she hold her dirty soles righ in front of his face. He immediately starts licking and sucking the dirt off her sexy high heel sandals and swallows everything for his mistress' pleasure. After her shoes are clean, she is ready to pump the new cars pedals.

Mistress Katja ordered her slave to clean up the basement but when she comes back after a few hours the slave still hasn't finished this simple task. She decides to punish him and orders him to lie flat on the floor where she sits down on his face wearing her skin tight jeans. She nearly crushes his nose when she extends her legs and sits on his face with her full weight.

Mistress Katja is standing outside of an industrial building where she's taking a smoke break. You can see every detail of her sexy body while she's smoking and in the end she throws the cigarette on the ground and crushes it with her sexy high heel sandals before she takes off.

This gorgeous Mistress uses every chance she gets to abuse and humiliate her weak addicted slaves for her amusement. This time she makes herself up for a party. While she stands there in front of the mirror, she uses one of her slaves a personal carpet. She tramples him with her sexy bare feet, steps on his chest and face and allows him to kiss her perfect feet. Later she slips in her sexy white high heel sandals to torture him much more. Since its very important to look spotless for mistress Katja, she lets him suck off some dirt of her shoes too.

Mistress Katja and her slave are still in the dungeon when she binds him to a bank and sits down his face wearing only orange hot pants. She smothers him completely under her sexy ass and facesits him in many different positions. The slave will have to endure this punishment as he can't escape being bound to the bank.

Katja decided to give her slave a little break after the savage trampling and put him into a smell box where only his head and arms stick out. She now lights up a cigarette and sits down on top of the box with his head between her legs and orders him to open his mouth so she can use it as her human ashtray. You can hear the ash sizzling when it falls on his tongue. In the end she forces him to swallow all the ash gathered in his mouth.

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