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Mistress Sofi and mistress Dorimills wanted to dominate this guy and they did it with their foot slavery fetish. They had to give this guy a taste of their Russian femdom as he had tried to make fun of them and to take advantage of them. They showed him that they were not easily taken advantage of and conned by trampling him and turning him into a foot slave as well as a foot licker.

Mistress Rada did not like being copied. When this girl did it, she had to torture him and she did it in a way that the girl would never forget. She used her ass to do it and the girl had to lick her ass as well as do other humiliating things. It was humiliating to the girl and she regretted why she had copied mistress Rada but it was too late.

This Russian mistress needed to have her feet licked and she had to think of a way that could be done. The mistress sat down and gave it a thought. She decided that it was beneficial for her to trick this girl in order for her feet to be licked and sucked the way she wanted. That is exactly what happened to her and she had a great time doing it.

Mistress Kira, mistress Sofi, mistress Dorimills and mistress Agma had hired this guy to represent them but he did not do what they had talked about so they had no choice but to beat him as their source of entertainment. He never saw it coming and regretted it daily for a long time but learned his lesson the hard way and changed as they wanted him to do from the word go.

Mistress Kira and mistress Pamela wanted to do things that had never been done before. That is why they chose to dominate this woman and do it cruelly with their feet. She never thought that it could happen but it did and she could not do much about it other than to get used to it. The mistresses had a great time at her expense and got to pass their message.

This Russian mistress had an ex friend she did not want to associate with anymore. She did not like how she did not know how to be a good friend and was just interested in what she could not get but not what she could give. She had tolerated her enough and ended the friendship. When she tried to get back together as friends, she humiliated her by forcing her to lick her smelly feet then chased her away.

Russian mistress Bearice and Iris wanted their armpits licked as punishment and that is what this girl did. She had read the mood and she realized that she would do herself no favors by trying to fight them or resisting what they were doing to her. So she cooperated with them, licked their feet, their armpits and other humiliating things and this made it easier and faster for them to let her go.

Mistress Malvina likes to dominate and that is what she did today. She had to make sure that this loser did what she expected her to do. The mistress had to use her smelly and dirty sneakers to dominate the slave. She was shocked that the mistress had reduced her into a sole licker but she did not have much to do about it other than to obey the mistress.

Mistress Sofi, mistress Jucy and mistress Agma had a party which they wanted to be the best ever. But this guy ruined it as he did not meet his end of the bargain as a service provider. They had to scramble to address what he had messed up and they managed to salvage the situation. But he had to be punished and he was cruelly using their Russian femdom. She refunded them with interest.

This guy had been given an assignment by these mistresses but he did not do it as well as they wanted him to do it. He ended up messing up and for that, he had to be punished. The mistresses choked him and they made sure that he was humiliated. He never messed up again after what the mistresses did to him because he knew what they were capable of.

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