Russian Femdom

Hot russian mistresses dominate their slaves

Katja took this slave and wrapped him in plastic. With him defenseless, she trampled on him with her high heels and even choked him with the plastic

Cynthia and April are Russian mistresses who love having fun. But this time, they wanted to humiliate a slave. They got one and had fun torturing and humiliating him

Natalya was bored so she decided to have fun at the expense of her slave. She made him smell her stinky feet while she trampled him with her heels while seated on his back

This mistress did not want it to be known that she had never humiliated or tortured a slave. She put on a mean face and carried a whip to look menacing

Lisa bound this slave and then had a field day doing whatever she wanted on him. She facesat on him with her jeans and inflicted lots of pain on him

Mistress Katja is a mistress who loves humiliating guys. She tied this loser with a hose pipe and facesat on him. She even farted on him

Sasha and her friends took this guy to a far away place where they tortured him brutally. However, his cries could not be heard since it was in a cave far away

When it comes to beating up slaves and torturing them, Macha and Black Panther take the honors. They beat up this slave and ball busted him brutally

Lisa is a Russian mistress who likes seeing slaves in pain. She made this slave lie down on his back and trampled his face with her ass almost choking him

Melena is a cruel Russian mistress who enjoys humiliating her slave. This time round she made him fetch things for her even those she did not need. She loved sending him and ordering him around

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