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These girls had snitched on mistress Nicole and mistress Rada. They did not want to have anything to do with them and they felt that the best way to deal with the girls was to humiliate them. So they turned the girls into foot slaves and to degrade them as cruelly as they were able to. It was something they had never experienced before as they had never been caught snitching before.

This loser was threatening to run amok and these mistresses could not have it. They had to contain him which they did. They did it in a way he had never expected them to do it. The mistresses used their bare feet to torture him as he was forced to lick their feet as well as suck their toes before they were done with him. He cried but they did not care.

Mistress Sarah and her husband did not like how these girls had tried to flirt with her husband and they had to punish him so that it never happened again. The mistress and her man had to come up with a way to dominate as well as humiliate him and they did it by forcing the girls to lick their feet. They made sure that the feet were smelly before they got them licked.

This Russian mistress needed to have her feet licked and she had to think of a way that could be done. The mistress sat down and gave it a thought. She decided that it was beneficial for her to trick this girl in order for her feet to be licked and sucked the way she wanted. That is exactly what happened to her and she had a great time doing it.

Mistress Leona and mistress Rada did not like how this girl was a snitch and they cruelly turned the girl into a foot slave and had her lick their feet. The mistresses had to make sure that she learned to avoid doing the kind of things that they did not want to be done. She learned that as they foot gagged her and humiliated her in a way she had never experienced before.

Mistress Kira and mistress Pamela wanted to do things that had never been done before. That is why they chose to dominate this woman and do it cruelly with their feet. She never thought that it could happen but it did and she could not do much about it other than to get used to it. The mistresses had a great time at her expense and got to pass their message.

Mistress Rachel enjoyed watching this slave lick her high heels. But that was not all. She was the one making her do it and beyond that, she also had the girl endure her trampling before finally having her suck her toes. It was fun for her but the girl slave could not say the same as she bore the brunt of what the mistress did to him. It was humiliating.

Mistress Alsu and mistress Dori needed to teach this girl slave how to behave and they did so using their boots. The mistresses cruelly had her lick their boots and they made sure it was humiliating and tiring for her but they did not care what she felt. By the time they were done with her, she had learned her lesson and she never tried messing with them because she feared what would happen.

Mistress Dori and mistress Alsu had beef with this girl and they had to put an end to her nonsense. They chose to trample and degrade her with their bare feet and smelly socks. She was asked to lick them and she had no choice but to do what the mistresses asked her to do. She was shocked at how they humiliated her but she knew she deserved some of it.

Mistress Emily sat back and she let these girls lick her feet and when they were done, suck her toes. The mistress was punishing them for what they had done and they were scared of saying or doing anything to piss her off further. That is why they opted to do things the way that the mistress wanted including licking her stockings. The mistress let them go when they finished.

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