Russian Femdom

Hot russian mistresses dominate their slaves

Getting bored with the average trampling Katja decides to spice it up. Finding a wooden crate from an old warehouse she makes her foot slave lie down flat on the floor while placing the crate over him them with all of her full weight she climbs on top of it. She can feel his breathing while on top. She stuffs her feet in between the slates and makes him sniff them.

Katja's pink sneakers look fabulous on her feet. While her foot slave is on the floor she climbs on top of his face and do a little brutal face trampling. He begs for her to stop because the pressure of her full weight on his face is starting to hurt but she wants more. She takes off her sock and forced her feet in his face before making him suck all of her toes.

Naughty Angelina is draped in sexy black boots and very short seductive shorts. Her come hither eyes entices her new slave to let her crush him with her white couch while she is sitting on it. Her crushing slave agrees to the humiliation and lays on her wooden floor. He licks her boots while he is under the couch.

Katja stops her foot slave in the hallway and puts on a leash. She wants him to do as she says. The Russian mistress gives him the humiliation that he is asking for. A leash is put around his neck and he sits on all fours as she feeds him with food like a good little doggie. She gets him to lick at her bare feet but not before he licks her sexy high heels.

Mistress Katja has just come down for her morning coffee. Instead of sitting on a chair, she orders her ass slave to get on his knees and be her new chair. Her tight jeans sits heavy on his wanting face. He gets a dose of her ass right in his nose as she is facesitting. He doesn't mind getting smothered under this beautiful vixen.

Mistress Katja slides two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in her sparkling blue high heels and walks around outside while smoking smashing the sandwiches under her feet. Back at the house her foot slave agrees to do some strange play. Katja slips her feet out of her shoes and feeds the crushed sandwiches to her slave while on his knees.

Mistress Katja sees that her professor is looking at her long lean legs and sexy black boots. She finds him in the hallway and asks him if he wants to become her shoe worship slave. He of course agrees and they find a place in his classroom to lick the bottom of her boots until they are completely clean of dirt. She definitely is getting an A.

Mistress Katja has found a willing victim to try out the force of her new suede boots. She tramples all over his face and body with her full weight in this sexy and humiliating trampling scene. He yelps out in pain as the heels of her boots go all the way into his soft flesh, but even these pained cries don't make her stop, as she grinds him beneath her soles.

Here we have a hot strangling session that nearly goes too far. Katja first of all binds his hands together with rope so the slave can't escape. Once he is bound tight, she strangles him first with her hands - which doesn't seem to be enough - and then with her bare feet and thighs. She tries from all angles and after a while she seems to be really causing some damage as his face turns a bright red.

It is time for Mistress Katja to do her sexy new workout session. Today she has devised a brutal new exercise - buttdrops! Dressed in tight black joga pants the sexy Russian mistress forces her slave to lie back on the couch as she drops her butt hard onto his face over and over again. He groans in pain and begs her to stop but she is enjoying herself way too much to listen.

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