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Mistress Dorimills and her friend wanted to get some info but this guy did not want to give it. He was sweettalked and he was begged but he did not agree. The mstresses got pissed at him and they decided to cruelly punish him for it and that is how he was forced to endure facesitting as well as choking and he eventually gave them the info that they wanted from him.

This mistress wanted to express dissatisfaction what this girl had done and she had to do it as cruelly as she could. She was done talking and so she used her feet to do it. The mistress ensured that her feet were smelly and that she dominated the guy as cruelly as she could. The girl never saw it coming and was degraded like never before. She cried but it did not help.

These girls had snitched on mistress Nicole and mistress Rada. They did not want to have anything to do with them and they felt that the best way to deal with the girls was to humiliate them. So they turned the girls into foot slaves and to degrade them as cruelly as they were able to. It was something they had never experienced before as they had never been caught snitching before.

This woman was nosy and mistress Kate could not tolerate it any longer. She had to use her Rusian femdom to torture her and to get her to stop her nosiness. That is why she used her smelly feet to do it. It was cruel and brutal and the girl was shocked and scared at the same time but she was powerless against her. She had to do what the mistress wanted.

Mistress Kira, mistress Sofi, mistress Dorimills and mistress Agma were roommates. They had a neighbor who wanted to smash them but he did not have game. So he ended up stalking them and eavesdropping on them. They were pissed off with him and they had to stop him. They did this by making him kneel down and also forcing him to lick their saliva after they filled his face with their spit.

Mistress Rada did not like being copied. When this girl did it, she had to torture him and she did it in a way that the girl would never forget. She used her ass to do it and the girl had to lick her ass as well as do other humiliating things. It was humiliating to the girl and she regretted why she had copied mistress Rada but it was too late.

This Russian mistress needed to have her feet licked and she had to think of a way that could be done. The mistress sat down and gave it a thought. She decided that it was beneficial for her to trick this girl in order for her feet to be licked and sucked the way she wanted. That is exactly what happened to her and she had a great time doing it.

Mistress Kira, mistress Sofi, mistress Dorimills and mistress Agma had hired this guy to represent them but he did not do what they had talked about so they had no choice but to beat him as their source of entertainment. He never saw it coming and regretted it daily for a long time but learned his lesson the hard way and changed as they wanted him to do from the word go.

This woman was nasty and mistress Alisa and mistress Karina did not want to deal with her. They felt that it was better as well as easier to just dominate her and that way, she will learn that it was not ok to be nasty. The mistress did it by ganging up on her and turning her into a sweat and armpit licker as well as a foot slave. She was never nasty again.

Mistress Kira and mistress Pamela wanted to do things that had never been done before. That is why they chose to dominate this woman and do it cruelly with their feet. She never thought that it could happen but it did and she could not do much about it other than to get used to it. The mistresses had a great time at her expense and got to pass their message.

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