Russian Femdom

Hot russian mistresses dominate their slaves

Mistress Katja loves to humiliate and dominate her slaves in various ways, but this is some of the most brutal trampling she has ever done. She makes her slave lay down in the floor with his hands tied so he can't resist. She uses the fireplace as leverage so she can jump up and down on his body with both her boots and her bare feet. She brutally tramples this slave like he did her wrong.

Intense queen of female domination, Mistress Katja is always thinking of ways to dominate and humiliate her slaves. Today she had the brilliant ida of making her loser slave lie on the stairs so she can walk up and down his body. She uses him as her own private human stairs. She leaves her shoes on and stands on him with her full weight. She brutally walks all over him from head to toe.

Sexy blonde Mistress Katja puts on some tight white pants for some intense facesitting. Katja loves this type of female domination. She ties her slave up and makes him lie in the middle of the floor so she can sit on his face and smother him with her warm ass and crotch. She spreads her ass cheeks over his entire face in both positions to make sure she puts her full weight on his whole face.

Mistress Katja likes to subject her slaves to all sorts of domination and humiliation. Today, she decided to put her sexy tight jeans on and subject her slave to some brutal facesitting. She sits on his face and smothers him with her sexy jeans ass. Then she turns around and uses her full weight to smother her slave with her ass until he can't breathe. She loves to humiliate him.

I am Mistress Katja and you will do as I say you foot slave loser. I shove my high heel shoes in your face and make you lick off every inch of dirt. Even when you lick every speck of dirt off, I spit on them. They are Prada so you will shine them by licking my spit and buffing them all over with your tongue. You are a good foot slave.

Mistress Katja told her slave to handcuff himself and wait under her blanket so he can be her lumpy mattress. She lays on top of her slave with her full weight and sticks her smelly socks in his face. She takes her socks off and rubs her bare feet all over his face. She lays back and lounges on her slave's body as she dominates him with her feet.

I am Mistress Katja. Do you think a little bitch dog like you deserves to be my slave? Why would such a beautiful queen of femdom such as myself ever bother with a stupid ugly guy like you? If you think you have what it takes to take my abuse then e-mail me. You better be careful, you just might get what you wish for. Brutal domination and humiliation by my hands.

Mistress Katja is in no mood to play around today. She unleashes some brutal domination over her loser slave. She takes makes him lay on the concrete completely wrapped in plastic until he can't move. She tramples him in her high heel boots with her full weight and when he won't shut up, she steps on his loser face with her boots and wraps the plastic around his head smothering him.

Mistress Katja is the queen of femdom. You could never satisfy her. She wants to measure your cock just to be sure. Ah, just as she thought. Your cock is very tiny. She looks at you like you are a loser and laughs at you for having a tiny cock. She loves the humiliation when she ridicules you about the size of your little loser dick. You don't deserve her needle dick.

Mistress Katja likes to pin her slaves down so they can't move. This time she makes him lie under a long chair while she sits on it. She's in the perfect position to make him lick the bottoms of her high heel boots. Then she takes the boots off and makes him smell her socks and lick her bare feet. She sticks her pretty but stinky toes right in his mouth.

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