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When Mistress Katja looks through racks of clothing, she needs something comfortable to stand on. She calls her slave to her and she is happy to stand on his face. She doesn't care how long it takes, she has to find the right outfit to wear for the day. She shifts her weight from time to time but she won't stand on the floor. When he can't breathe and begs for mercy, she gets off his face.

Miss Irina loves to subject her foot slave to face trampling and humiliation. She even kicks him in the face to let him know who's boss. Her sexy black high heel boots look amazing as she ball busts her man toy, kicking him in the junk over and over again. These high heel boots will make you sweat, especially as they humiliate and cause pain in Irina's subject.

Katja's pink sneakers look fabulous on her feet. While her foot slave is on the floor she climbs on top of his face and do a little brutal face trampling. He begs for her to stop because the pressure of her full weight on his face is starting to hurt but she wants more. She takes off her sock and forced her feet in his face before making him suck all of her toes.

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