Russian Femdom

Hot russian mistresses dominate their slaves

Mistress Katja is a cruel and mean Russian mistress, who loves to humiliate and dominate weak and sad men. Today, she has a slave who she whips hard, spanking him over and over before riding him like he is some sort of animal servant. Katja loves to humiliate and punish these men, who are more than happy to satisfy her every cruel desire. Her high heels will make your mouth water, as well.

The delightful mistress Katja spits on your waiting face, humiliating you completely, in this movie. She enjoys a cigarette as well, flicking the ashes on your waiting face. Russian femdom like this, featuring such great face spitting, is a rare sight, so enjoy it while it lasts! Mistress Katja loves to partake in spitting and humiliation, and she wants you to feel pain and suffering as well.

Miss Irina loves to subject her foot slave to face trampling and humiliation. She even kicks him in the face to let him know who's boss. Her sexy black high heel boots look amazing as she ball busts her man toy, kicking him in the junk over and over again. These high heel boots will make you sweat, especially as they humiliate and cause pain in Irina's subject.

Fans of facesitting will love mistress Katja. This beautiful Russian femdom babe loves to partake in trampling and face sitting, forcing her ass slave to smell her beautiful ass over and over again, allowing him zero chances to breathe. Her sexy high heels look amazing on her sexy feet, and watching her smother this poor guy will drive you wild with lust. This is some great full weight punishment that shouldn't be missed for anything.

Mistress Katja is a very cruel mistress, a woman who has no qualms about causing pain and suffering in her man slaves. In today's movie she is humiliating and laughing at him as she crushes her hands under her high heels. She also uses her bare feet to crush his hands, the pain on his face very apparent as she does so. Her sexy high heels will make you burst with lust!

Mistress Katja is back, and she isn't afraid to choke and partake in trampling with her foot slave. His humiliation is palpable, especially as we watch him being crushed underneath Katja's bare feet. His pain is clear as day on his face, as his neck is crushed under his beautiful mistress's full weight. This is some extreme Russian femdom that will leave you begging for more and more!

Three Russian mistresses are having a great time with their foot slave, a weak and broken man who loves a good trampling session, especially if there is ball busting and dick kicking involved, as well. These three women love to make him suffer, trampling his face while their bound slave is tied to a chair. He struggles against his ropes but is unable to end his humiliation session.

This slave is getting a painful trampling from the hot Katja. Black and silver steel high heels adorn her feet and she has him on his back on her floor licking the bottoms of those heavy high heels until they are spotless then she takes her stocking feet and shoves them violently in his mouth and nose so he gets a good whiff of her sweaty feet.

While hot ass Katja is getting ready for work she uses an ass slave as a human chair. Her tight jeans accentuates her tight ass and he gets a good look at them as his nose is all up that tight pretty little ass of hers. She goes about her morning applying her makeup and combing out her wet locks all the while her slave is on all fours taking her pain.

Katja is having an extensive workout. This time though she has convinced a loser slave to let her put her stepping machine on his chest for a little trampling while she finishes up a few more sets. Her lean calfs flexes making her look sexy as hell. She gets rid of her sweaty socks and throws them on his face then after her set is finished she stuffs the sweaty feet in his mouth until he gags.

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