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This hot blonde babe sits back on her leather couch and begins sucking down on of her cigarettes. She just loves smoking her cigarette while she laughs at you while talking to the camera. She would love to make you lie down on the ground and take her cigarette ashes all of your face while she talks about your small dick and humiliates you. She gets off on punishing you.

This big titted blonde babe is a mistress from hell and she loves punishing her men. She will do anything to see how far her slaves are willing to go. She makes this man lie down on the ground and then she begins to trample all over him. She even knocks the wind out of him when she begins jumping up and down on his stomach and butt dropping on him.

A slave is forced to adore this hot blonde babes feet until she is completely satisfied. She is extremely bored as she sits back in her chair with her high heel shoes on. She watches him as he snarls his nose while he licks the bottoms of her high heel shoes. After she is bored of that, she decides that it is time for him to lick all over her bare feet and massage them with his tongue.

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