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Russians Goddesses Miss Irina, Miss Macha, Miss Katarina and Miss Karina and having a trampling party. They take turns trampling and stomping on him with full weight in their heels. When that's not enough they get on top of him at once and trample him. This fucking loser takes all of it. That's not enough for the ladies and that take turns jumping right on his fat fucking stomach. Ouch!

There are a lot of things that amuse Mistress Katja but none more than jumping. This is a woman that knows how to use her slaves for pleasure. She puts a mattress on the floor and has her slave lay down. She takes off her shoes and she begins to jump up and down on him. She falls on him and then gets back up to continue jumping on him with her full weight.

The slave owes some money to his mistress for weeks and she's really pissed he didn't pay her off till today. When she confronts him and he comes up with some stupid arguments she orders him to give her his watch so she can sell it for some cash. But when she looks at the watch she realizes it's totally worthless one and throws it on the ground. The slave wants to grab his watch again but Katja's shoe is already on its way to crush it. So the slave gets his hand trampled until it begins to bleed. That's when she orders him to lie down on the ground and starts to trample his whole body under her sneakers.

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