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When it comes to raining kicks and blows to slaves, Mistresses Katarina and Chrystina take the honors. They are cruel and very good at it. They like to trample their slave and use their high heels when trampling him. Today they did not just trample him, but they followed it up with kicks to his balls and trampling. They trampled his balls and his cock before they let him go.

After this frightening and humiliating facesitting session the girls decide it's time for some serious pain for the slave. He's lying on the grass - totally exhausted when Katja approaches him after changing her wet clothes to a new outfit. Once she's next to him she jumps into the air and falls on his body. The guy screams in pain when her whole weight falls down on his chest but the girls just laugh and don't care for his pain. Katja continues to jump in the air and fall down on her slave from all directions over and over again for minutes that must have felt like hours for her slave. In the end she leaves him lying on the grass - still moaning in pain.

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