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Mistress Katja loves to humiliate her shoe slave and comes up with a new punishment for him, she takes out a bar stool and comes up with a new way of facesitting as she places the stool on his face squishing his head causing him pain which is exactly what she wants. This Russian mistress then shoves her high heel in his face forcing him to smell her sweaty feet as she lights up a cigarette and moves the stool trampling his body one section at a time.

The end of the painful and degrading day is almost there when Katja decides to give her slave one last hard punishment. She puts on a pair of sexy high heels and starts to trample her slave lying on the ground. But that's not enough! She orders him to get up on all fours and stands on his back - digging her sharp heels deep into his back. After a while she allows him to lie down on the floor again and takes her shoes off. She starts trampling him again and this time also tramples his face under her sexy feet. She even stands with her full weight on his head when she and the camera girl get a new idea. The camera girl gets a piece of cake and put the small plate next to his head. Katja now steps on the piece of cake with her feet and forces her slave to eat the crushed cake from her feet. When almost the whole piece of cake is gone they leave him on the ground - still in great pain and with his whole face covered with cake.

After this frightening and humiliating facesitting session the girls decide it's time for some serious pain for the slave. He's lying on the grass - totally exhausted when Katja approaches him after changing her wet clothes to a new outfit. Once she's next to him she jumps into the air and falls on his body. The guy screams in pain when her whole weight falls down on his chest but the girls just laugh and don't care for his pain. Katja continues to jump in the air and fall down on her slave from all directions over and over again for minutes that must have felt like hours for her slave. In the end she leaves him lying on the grass - still moaning in pain.

Mistress Katja and her friend took the guy into their backyard where they planned to have some more fun with him. They handcuffed him to the railing of the pool so he can't go anywhere and is lying flat on the ground when Katja approaches him wearing her sexy pink high heels. She tells him to put his hands flat on the ground and starts to trample them severely under her high heels. Of course he's in great pain but she doesn't care for his pain as long as she's having some serious fun. She uses both the sole and the sharp heels to torture his hands underneath. In the end she presses his head down on the hard stone ground and sits down on the side of his head - again causing him great pain but she needs some rest after this exhausting treatment and his head looked like a perfect ass cushion to her!

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