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Mistress Katja is wearing a white blouse and blue jeans and she shows you the key to your chastity device. She tells you that she knows that it has only been a few days since she locked up your tiny dick but that she does not plan on letting it out any time soon. She tells you that if you follow her demands exactly that she might let your dick out a few hours next week.

This hot babe has some plans for a night out on the town with her girl friends, but she is not going to leave before she has a little bit of fun with her foot slave first. She stands on top of him with her black high heeled shoes on, pressing them into his stomach, then she begins pressing them into his face. She is punishing him so bad and humiliating him.

This big titted blonde babe is a mistress from hell and she loves punishing her men. She will do anything to see how far her slaves are willing to go. She makes this man lie down on the ground and then she begins to trample all over him. She even knocks the wind out of him when she begins jumping up and down on his stomach and butt dropping on him.

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