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These two Russian sisters take their turns by trampling and humiliating their shoe slave in their sandals. They use their full weight as they jump and crush their slaves balls dishing out as much pain as they possibly can. They deliver one ball busting blow one right after the other, one young mistress then facestands on her slave as the other cock tramples him until they both have had enough for the day.

This gorgeous Mistress uses every chance she gets to abuse and humiliate her weak addicted slaves for her amusement. This time she makes herself up for a party. While she stands there in front of the mirror, she uses one of her slaves a personal carpet. She tramples him with her sexy bare feet, steps on his chest and face and allows him to kiss her perfect feet. Later she slips in her sexy white high heel sandals to torture him much more. Since its very important to look spotless for mistress Katja, she lets him suck off some dirt of her shoes too.

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