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Mistress Katja comes in the room to see her slave tied up and waiting for his domination. She brutally hold her knee to his throat as she smothers him with her hands. She sits on her face with her sexy ass in jeans then straddles him again so she can completely cut off his flow of air. The brutal domination of her loser slaves is what Mistress Katja lives for.

This loser slave makes a good footstool for Mistress Katja. She leaves her high heel shoes on and props her feet up on his arms and head. She takes off her shoes so she can put her smelly bare feet all over his head and body. She wants more humiliation so she rubs her bare feet all over his head and sticks them in his face and makes him smell them.

I am Mistress Katja and you will do as I say you foot slave loser. I shove my high heel shoes in your face and make you lick off every inch of dirt. Even when you lick every speck of dirt off, I spit on them. They are Prada so you will shine them by licking my spit and buffing them all over with your tongue. You are a good foot slave.

Mistress Katja is in no mood to play around today. She unleashes some brutal domination over her loser slave. She takes makes him lay on the concrete completely wrapped in plastic until he can't move. She tramples him in her high heel boots with her full weight and when he won't shut up, she steps on his loser face with her boots and wraps the plastic around his head smothering him.

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