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Mistress Katja loves to humiliate her shoe slave and comes up with a new punishment for him, she takes out a bar stool and comes up with a new way of facesitting as she places the stool on his face squishing his head causing him pain which is exactly what she wants. This Russian mistress then shoves her high heel in his face forcing him to smell her sweaty feet as she lights up a cigarette and moves the stool trampling his body one section at a time.

Mistress Katja works out and when she's done needs to take a seat when she finds her ass slave offering his face as a human stool for her to sit on, this young mistress then facesits and tries to get comfortable and then commands him to lie down as she sits on his face making him smell her ass scent smothering him with her ass and thighs like the bitch he is regardless of pain.

Do you want to know what Mistress Katja really likes? To have her slaves totally at her mercy. So in this clip she puts her beautiful fingers around her slaves throat and presses until he isn't able to breathe any longer. While doing this she sits on his belly with her jeans ass. After a few excruciating moments for her slave she changes position and sits down right on his throat. Putting her full body weight on him she watches his face turn red under the pressure.

Beautiful Mistress Katja wearing her grey buckskin high heels today. Her slave is handcuffed in front of the fireplace when she starts to trample him with her heels. The sharp stiletto heels dig into his skin and the slave cries out in pain. But just trampling him like this is not enough for her today. So she takes the shoes off and starts to trample his throat bare feet. She even steps onto his face and by this puts her sweaty heels right over his nose.

The end of the painful and degrading day is almost there when Katja decides to give her slave one last hard punishment. She puts on a pair of sexy high heels and starts to trample her slave lying on the ground. But that's not enough! She orders him to get up on all fours and stands on his back - digging her sharp heels deep into his back. After a while she allows him to lie down on the floor again and takes her shoes off. She starts trampling him again and this time also tramples his face under her sexy feet. She even stands with her full weight on his head when she and the camera girl get a new idea. The camera girl gets a piece of cake and put the small plate next to his head. Katja now steps on the piece of cake with her feet and forces her slave to eat the crushed cake from her feet. When almost the whole piece of cake is gone they leave him on the ground - still in great pain and with his whole face covered with cake.

Mistress Katja is still taking a walk with a girl friend when they see the guy from the tunnel standing next to a car - obviously recovering from the beat-up. Katja decides to give it another shot: she runs towards him and pushes him to the ground again. But this time he won't get punched, kicked and slapped - but gets wrestled down by Katja. She scissors his head with her strong legs and pins him down schoolgirl-style. While he's struggling to breath, getting his throat compressed between her legs she and her girlfriend make fun of this loser who can't do anything against a girl attacking him.

Mistress Katja is in a really bad mood today and when she approaches a tunnel a guy comes from the other end. She decides to blow off some steam and goes towards him. Once he's in reach she immediately starts to slap his face, punch him and pulls him to the ground. Before the guy even realizes what just happened to him she continues to punch, kick and slap him until he's begging her to stop. She demands that he kisses her shoes and even the soles of her shoes to confess that he's the loser of this fight - very hard action and very humiliating end!

Katja decided to give her slave a little break after the savage trampling and put him into a smell box where only his head and arms stick out. She now lights up a cigarette and sits down on top of the box with his head between her legs and orders him to open his mouth so she can use it as her human ashtray. You can hear the ash sizzling when it falls on his tongue. In the end she forces him to swallow all the ash gathered in his mouth.

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