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A slave knows his place when he is in front of Mistress Katja. The slave knows to immediately get on the ground and kiss her feet. Mistress Katja will make him clean her feet no matter how bad they smell. She demands her feet are spotless when the slave is cleaning her feet, otherwise she is going to get very mad and kick her slave hard.

Katja stops her foot slave in the hallway and puts on a leash. She wants him to do as she says. The Russian mistress gives him the humiliation that he is asking for. A leash is put around his neck and he sits on all fours as she feeds him with food like a good little doggie. She gets him to lick at her bare feet but not before he licks her sexy high heels.

Out in the hallway, Mistress Katja is enjoying smoking a cigarette, puffing out the smoke with her pretty lips when she is interrupted by a pathetic slave who grovels and worships at her feet. She allows him to slip off her black high heels and kiss the soles and toes of her feet which are starting to give off a stinky smell due to all the hard work she has been doing.

Mistress Katja spend the day out and comes home to her awaiting slave and sits down on her couch resting her aching feet. She commands her foot slave to come over and worship her feet as she relaxes, this young femdom then has her slave kiss her high heel shoes and then removes them revealing her sexy stocking feet that smell and are sweaty as her slave smells her stinky feet and lies down. She then humiliates him further by shoving her bare feet in his face forcing him to smell her feet.

The slave opens the door of Mistress Katja's car so she can get in, but before she drives away she wants her slave to lick the dirty soles of her sneakers. After the soles are cleaned she orders him to take the shoes off and forces him to smell the stinky inside of the well worn sneakers. The sneaker smelling is followed by smelling her socks that were in those stinky shoes the whole day and finally in the end he has to smell her bare feet too before she drives away and leaves him on the parking place.

Mistress Katja doesn't want to make her new car dirty. So she decides to get her shoe soles licked clean until they are spotless - what else does she has a personal shoe licker for? He is already kneeling next to her car, opens the door for her and waits until she hold her dirty soles righ in front of his face. He immediately starts licking and sucking the dirt off her sexy high heel sandals and swallows everything for his mistress' pleasure. After her shoes are clean, she is ready to pump the new cars pedals.

Mistress Katja is sitting on the hood of a car and shows you her dirty feet. It's your task to clean these dirty feet with your tongue while she verbally humiliates you for being such a loser that worships a girls feet only because you have no chance to get any more from a beautiful girl than her feet!

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